Qualitative & Quantitative Research (QQR)

This service is provided by Sondos to support and assist the companies which are looking for combining both types of qualitative and quantitative research for a case study related to any purpose for improving the company’s internal operation process based on the Six Sigma methodology. This includes measuring the customer satisfaction, measuring the quality of the operations performance, solving a problem or understanding customer's behavior and beliefs for a particular group of people in the same age group or according to their geographical location or any other taxonomy needed to conduct the research.

Main Research Objectives

• Measuring the customer satisfaction and loyalty through their overall experience.
• Measuring the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the market.
• Measuring the operations performance quality by measuring and analyzing the touch points between the customer and the company.
• Measuring the customer problem experience and the company’s capability to solve the problem within a propper time frame.
• Studying the customer’s behavior, beliefs or factors that make them choose the company.




Sondos builds a fully structured, qualitative and multilingual questionnaire for research objectives and then Sondos shares it with the company for prior approval before conducting the research. The questionnaire length designed in a way that the needed time to complete the questionnaire does not exceed 20 minutes.

 Arranging the customer data, sample size & distribution

Collecting and uploading the required customer data into Sondos system is done by the mutual cooperation between Sondos and the client. Choosing and arranging the right sample size to be compatible with your requirement is also presented by Sondos.

Methods of conducting the research

1. Personal E-mail: through sending personal invitation to each customer by their name to fill the survey by email via entering a URL link.

2. SMS: by sending the URL of the survey to the customer’s smart phones. 

3. Website Link: by uploading the link of the survey on the company’s website to collect the customer’s feedback. 

4. Call Center: Sondos has a well-trained team to conduct the survey via its regional call center.

5. Field Visits: Sondos has a well-trained team who had been trained through pilot Interviews to interview the customer in the field to conduct the research.  All completed interviews will be edited for accuracy. It will be checked by the quality team for the quality of data and the method of interviewing.

6. Focus Group: Sondos conducts the research by gathering a group of customers to interview through its specialized team. Collecting the customer’s feedback is done under a close supervision from other qualified team who monitors this process.

Reports & Findings

Sondos presents the results of the research through a readable detailed report with a compariosn feature for each question in the forms of clear meaningful graphs and statistical analysis. Sondos expert team provides their support for any needed business analysis.

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