Profile Manager (ProMgr)

Profile Manager (ProMgr) is designed to help organizations meet the overall goals of customer profile management, it is a powerful solution used to simplify managing customer data on a daily basis by people in the field allowing organizations to gain actionable customer insights. Profile Manager (ProMgr) enables you to compile data including company's name, telephone, email and address on the road wherever you go, on whatever smartphone you have at hand. Profile Manager (ProMgr) is dynamic in a way which allows you to categorize your customers, according to some similarity, such as geographical location, managerial levels or other characteristics on a single platform. 


Profile Manager (ProMgr) Main Features:

Profile Manager (ProMgr) enables you to customize fields and access settings.
This feature allows you to categorize your customers into groups and into any context that fits your need.
Data Verification 
Allows you to find the customer profiles which have invalid data highlighted to be modified and managed.
Easy to understand and to use.
Compatible on PC, iPhone, Android phones and popular tablets.


Profile Manager (ProMgr) Main Benefits:

•          Increase customer data accuracy up to 80%
•          Increase customer reach ratio up to 60%
•          Control and monitor customer profiles by sales agent
•          Reduce time and effort needed to complete update customer profile process cycle
•          Increase customer service efficiency and effectiveness to increase customer value, satisfaction and loyalty

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