Employee Experience Measurement (EEM)

Since we believe that building a comfortable environment for employees plays an essential role in the success of any organization, Sondos Market Research intends to innovate a solution that helps you listen attentively to your employees’  voices by measuring the employees experience including the level of integration of employee satisfaction and engagement within the organization.

Why is the Employee Experience Measurement (EEM)  important for the organization's future?

Employee Experience Measurement is considered as an important tool for organizations, since it helps to:

  • - Keep continuous measurement.
  • - Motivate employees and increase their productivity to “go the extra mile” by understanding how much they are involved in your business objectives and goals.
  • - Reduce turnover using problem solving strategies.
  • - Increase the level of engagement of front-line employees which is a key for success.
  • - Increase profit through cost reduction and increase customer satisfaction.

Sondos EEM Module Steps:

  1. Build an employee engagement model based on the organization’s strategy, goals and objectives.
  2. Sondos System will send the employee satisfaction survey to the employees via anonymous emails including a link related to his/her position level.
  3. Analyze the reports with multiple access levels.
  4. Improve and monitor employee engagement.
  5. Provide the organization with consultation services by  Sondos Human Resources expert team.

Smooth environment for employees (internal customers) is the true driver of external customers loyalty

  • - Sondos Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey makes use of probing questions in order to gauge employee satisfaction and motivation factors which impact directly on the employee engagement levels.
  • - After taking the surveys by the employees, managers will receive analytical reports from Sondos analytical system for each head, manager, supervisor, etc.
  • - At which point it will be necessary to implement the management action plan regarding the Priorities as mentioned in  Sondos  analytical system.
  • - If you keep doing the employee satisfaction survey per 6 to 12 months, you will have a smooth environment which will increase the employee productivity and decrease the turnover levels. Increase the engagement of the front-line employees will make you win new customers and reduce the customer defection rate.
  • - As a result of the previous points, there will be a positive affect on the organization’s profit.

What distinguishes Sondos EEM  Module?

Sondos EEM module is distinguished by the consultation services provided by  Sondos Human Resources expert team in the following regards:

Executive Level

Sondos Human Resources expert team conducts presentations for executive managers  which focus  on the employees’ feedback analysis and the recommendations needed to improve employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels.

Manager Guidance

Sondos Human Resources expert team helps the manager better understand the action priorities, analyze the report effectively, and provide suitable action plans with ongoing follow up.

Executive & Managers

Sondos Human Resources expert team provides the executive and the managers with the required
team building exercises to improve the work environment based on the survey results analysis.

Sondos Added Value Reports

  • With Sondos system analytical portal, you can measure and benchmark the results for all employees, heads of departments, managers, supervisors, etc.
  • Each manager has limited access to view only his/her results without knowledge of the employee corresponding name.
  • Advanced reports such as Top Key Drivers is based upon the relationship between current performance and the level of importance for your employees.

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