Sondos Market Research Boosts Union National Bank Customer Responses by 62%!

12th, September, 2017
Union National Bank (UNB) is a leading bank in the UAE having regional presence in Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and China. Following their vision to be the best in class for the banking industry in UAE,  
UNB cares about investing in innovative solutions to provide customers with a wide range of products and services based on their needs and wants. The first days of 2017 witnessed the contract signing between Sondos Market Research and UNB towards establishing Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (CEMMS) at which we shall assist the bank in getting a real-time customer insights about their products and services offered across their UAE branches. By this partnership, UNB became the first bank in UAE which implements such an external quality control system, and succeeded to increase their customers’ responses without any human interaction by 62% collected directly and transparently after each transaction. Worth mentioning that the bank has implemented this solution only in one channel (through their branches) and further channels like ATM, digital channels, and VIP visits shall be integrated. Another success factor for Sondos CEMMS was enabling UNB operations to be smoothly linked directly with the customers’ queries/problems.


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