Restaurant - Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (CEMMS)

Make customers measure restaurants quality

Sondos offers qualitative market research and modern technological surveys to measure restaurant quality and customer satisfaction by examining multiple key factors with different types of restaurant online surveys based on restaurant customer experience; whether the type of visit was fine dining at the restaurant, delivery, take away...
Examine online customer feedback to discover customer desires and use that information to increase restaurant's customers retention and maximize restaurant's financial performance.

Sondos provides a customized web address for each restaurant “” included at no additional cost to enable the client to:

Include the web address on the bottom of each restaurant receipt or customer satisfaction card, offering your customer an incentive for the survey to be answered within a week.






Allow the customers to complete the survey on a laptop, iPad, iPhone, etc. While they are still waiting at the restaurant.








Add the link on your restaurant website, Facebook page or any other social network site.










We can also send the surveys to the restaurant's customers through personal emails.






Sondos Survey Analysis

Check restaurant survey responses on Sondos Online Portal with more than 300 real time research reports and charts to measure factors such as restaurant operation quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty, brand elements, descriptive segmentations, problems and problems resolution.

You can also benchmark customer research reports by individual restaurant branches, in order to make customer satisfaction the main focus for employees.



Sondos Restaurant- CEMMS Benefits:

  • Direct and effective communication tool between owners, managers and customers.
  • Determine the action priorities that should be done to make the customer satisfied.
  • Build an effective plan to increase customer retention which will positively affect profit.
  • Immediately notify managers via email if a customer encounters a problem so as to solve the problem and retain the customer.
  • Increase the number of survey responses by incentivizing customers to complete the surveys by offering a discount if the survey is submitted within a week.  A discount will also encourage customers to keep coming back.


You can do this manually (which will take forever) or you can use Sondos Restaurant-CEMMS (which will only take  a few seconds).

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