Healthcare- Physician Experience Measurement & Management System (PHEMMS)

Sondos is proud to announce that we are a market leader in successfully implementing very unique solutions to measure the level of physician satisfaction regarding healthcare companies’ products, services, sales reps, (advertising and materials), value for money and more.

Imagine the new possibilities of healthcare management with 95% accurate real time reports, medical studies and research!

 How does Sondos Healthcare- PHEMMS work?

We send our expert analysis team to your healthcare company to:

  •  Discuss and set with your management team the company objectives from the survey measurements.
  •  Create a professional questionnaire regarding your objectives drawing from our experience, meetings with your management team, medical reps and physicians.
  •  Send the physicians satisfaction surveys via personalized emails.
  •  Analyze the ongoing survey responses via real time reports, charts and benchmarks on  Sondos Online Portal.

Special Services from Sondos Market Research

      1. Official monthly closing report

Example from the monthly report: Top 10 Problems

      2.  Hot Alert Notification sent via Email

 Example: Automated email notification sent immediately to the responsible managers if the physician experienced a problem or his/her satisfaction was below 6 out of 10.

      3.  Sondos Online Portal advanced analysis reports, examples from Sondos survey analysis portal:

      Physician satisfaction based on multiple properties

   Physician satisfaction based on sector types

Do you think that physicians won’t respond?

  • We guarantee monthly responses with at least 22% of the physicians’ emails you provide us with, or you are eligible to receive a refund.
  • Is it worth your time and money to pay stiff fees for market research with minimal responses, processed in a manner susceptible to human error, and receive data on a lagged basis?

We would love to show you a live demo now.

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