Hotel- Meeting Planner Experience Measurement & Management System (MPEMMS)

Understanding and satisfying the needs and wants of meeting planners can add huge revenue for hotel chains, but how you can increase the meeting planner satisfaction & loyalty?

To maximize meeting planner satisfaction and loyalty, successful hotels ask the meeting planners about their experience through professional online surveys with a unique real-time survey analysis system to measure, analyze, control and track numerous of factors affecting meeting planner satisfaction.

Hotel- MPEMMS Questionnaire

Meeting planner survey covers all phases of the meeting planning process including sales, pre-event, event and post-event processes. Overall satisfaction, re-booking, recommends to a colleague, problem occurrence and resolution, and demographics are also measured.

Online survey analytical portal

Analyze the ongoing survey response to real-time charts and reports with one of the best survey analysis systems in the world where you can generate any report and chart based on any criteria you can imagine, with Sondos there is no need to take months to analyze the survey responses.

Main benefits from using Sondos Hotel- MPEMMS

  1. Determine priorities and areas to improve with insightful and actionable information to assist hotel managers in improving meeting planner satisfaction and increase retention rates.
  2. Hot alert notification to the managers’ email if the meeting planner experience a problem or his/her overall satisfaction was below 6 out of 10.
  3. Generate up to date studies from the customer feedback based on personal information like demographic, geographical location…., that help you in your marketing campaigns.

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