Hotel- Guest Experience Measurement & Management System (GEMMS)

Can we continually measure the hotel guest satisfaction?

Measuring the hotel guest satisfaction is like performing real-time market research and that is exactly the capability that Sondos Online Market Research provides to its hotel partners. with Sondos Guest Experience Measurement & Management System (GEMMS), you will be able to know at each operation level in the hotel whether the planned level of quality is in its place or not and how to restore it if it is lacked.

Main benefits from implementing Sondos Hotel-GEMMS:

  • The opportunity to sell room at higher rates since you are exceeding guest expectations.
  • Increase hotel guest retention.
  • Attract new hotel guests at low cost by the positive word of web and mouth from the loyal guests.
  • Measure and decrease hotel business loss.
  • As a result hotel revenue and profit will be increased by retaining existing guests, adding new guests, selling rooms at higher rates and decrease hotel business loss.


To excel, implement  Sondos Hotel- GEMMS and watch your hotels develop best practices:

  •  Create hotel guest measurement goals and strategies.
  •  Build a quality measurement module for your hotel operation processes by looking through the customer lens.
  •  Use the hotel guest experience survey to measure hotel quality, guest satisfaction, guest loyalty, hotel brand elements, descriptive Segmentations, hotel problems and problems resolution.
  •  Arrange and conduct surveys via emails sent to hotel guests or through online customized webpage.
  •  Analyze and monitor hotel performance through the online portal dashboard.

Example shows the top hotel problems displayed on a monthly basis

The power of the loyal hotel guests are huge: make them market your hotel, and be ready for pile of money.


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