Health Club - Member Experience Measurement & Management System (MEMMS)

Member retention is the key factor influencing gym, spa, fitness and health club revenue and business growth, Is it possible to convince members to be loyal from the first membership?

What are the areas most in need of improvement to boost member retention rates?
Is it employees’ knowledge, exercise area, exercise equipment, exercise program, changing room, training and supervision or………?

The best answer of these questions is Sondos Member Experience Measurement & Management System (MEMMS).
Sondos MEMMS uses the latest technology to measure, analyze, control and improve health club members satisfaction and loyalty. By making use of this  MEMMS, you will have a guide that shows you where exactly to focus in order to keep your customers loyal and satisfied.

Sondos Health Club- MEMMS Implementation:

How does Sondos MEMMS work?
  •  Online satisfaction surveys are sent to the health club members via personalized emails.
  •  The Member Satisfaction Survey is displayed online via a customized webpage, Add this webpage to your firm’s website, and social networks pages, also you can add it to ipad, laptop inside the health club.
  •  (Survey by telephone) Telephone member satisfaction survey is conducted by either the Sondos team or your health club, spa, fitness or gym's customer service team.

Survey Building Method

1- Member loyalty questions.
2- Risk management questions, with email alert notifications sent to the responsible manager when appropriate.
3- Descriptive questions.
4- Linking member experience responses to the health club core operation processes.

Sondos Online Portal

Your management will gain access to Sondos online portal to see the ongoing analysis of survey responses displayed in  reports and charts, that reflect:

  • Health club operation process quality.
  • Members satisfaction, loyalty and health club net promoter score.
  • Number of problems, problem type and problem resolution ratio.
  • Descriptive questions to enhance your future marketing plans.

Examples from  Sondos survey analysis real-time portal

Benchmark member satisfaction (scores out of 10) - operation process - for the month between September & October.

Overview of and insights into health club members feedback

Health Club Overall Satisfaction compared between branches

Send alert notification to the responsible manager

Automated email notification on the spot to the responsible managers if the member experienced a problem or his/her satisfaction was below 6 out of 10.

Main Benefits from using  Sondos Health Club- MEMMS

  • Increase health club members retention rates & word of mouth recommendations by focusing on exactly what members want.
  • Reduce health club costs by avoiding unnecessary projects and upgrades.

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