Retail - Customer Experience Measurement & Management System (Retail-CEMMS)

In order to grow up the retail sales, you have to control the sales process of all channels such as: Cash Van and Presales. Sondos Retail-CEMMS has been innovated to ensure providing the best experience to the retail customers whether they are groceries, hypermarkets, companies, pharmacies, wholesalers or individual consumers. And therefore ensure customer retention and their loyalty through Sondos Retail-CEMMS capability to link between the customer behavior, the operation process and the financial target.

Sondos Retail-CEMMS in brief

  • Build a customized CEMMS module after understanding the organization product & services, customer segmentation (depth & width) and internal operation processes.
  • Build company’s structure including brands, units and managerial levels, in addition to customer information including categories and attributes on Sondos online system. Arrange right sample size, collect and organize customer data for conducting the research.
  • Conduct the research by one method or more that Sondos provides such as: SMS, Sondos regional call center, personal email invitation or through a fixed web link which could be printed at the end of the invoice. 
  • Provide a direct notification about any unhappy customer to manage their problem(s) immediately using Sondos online feedback management feature. 
  • Provide reports, findings and analysis through Sondos Online Clever Advanced Analytical Portal (CAAP).
  • Provide a customized, consolidated, detailed, clear and meaningful pdf reports.
  • Provide the management with an action plan for improvements based on results and organization goals.

Sondos Clever Advanced Analytical Portal (CAAP)

Main reasons to think of implementing Sondos Retail-CEMMS

• Control sales process including route planning, sales coverage, load management (must stock list), planogram designs for merchandising (product presentation on shelves), delivery, sales efficiency and sales inventory.
• Save time and effort needed to control your sales team and to make sure that the Sales Call procedure is fully implemented.
• Benchmark your product and services quality with other units within organization also with other competitors’ product and services. 
• Identify, manage and solve customer problems with no time.
• Ensure providing the best prices, promotions and rebates.
• Increase customer sales value & volume, customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Increase consumer consumption through customer positive word of mouth.

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