Parents- Experience Measurement & Management System (EMMS)

Sondos presents a system that defines, measures, analyzes, improves and controls the quality of school services and its effect on parent’s satisfaction, in addition to the quality of systems used in private and public schools and the effectiveness of the educational curriculum and its impact on student behavior. This will enable the school, the private educational organization or the Ministry of Education to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the school to improve and develop through continuous follow-up with parents, administrators, teachers and any other related associations responsible for foreign curriculum as from the registration and early days of school to the end of the school year.

The advantages of applying Sondos Parents- EMMS

  • Measure and improve the quality of the educational process.Increase the overall quality to gain parents satisfaction & loyalty which leads to growth in profits.
  • Keep parents around through reregistration.
  • Gain new parents through the good reputation of the school.
  • Reduce costs by focusing on the priorities of interest to parents.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the curriculum and the educational process efficiency and output.
  • Provide any required surveys needed for the accreditation of foreign curriculum.

 Parents Satisfaction, Loyalty & School Profit

How does Sondos Parents- EMMS work?

  • Identify objectives, periods and topics of measurement to put appropriate questions according to the strategy of Ministry of Education, educational institutions, private and public schools.
  • Build a quality measurement module for the curriculum and the educational process and its output.
  • Build a quality measurement module for the educational process impact on the individual's behavior and its impact on the community.
  • Build a quality measurement module for the performance of the departments and the services which the parents experience.
  • Use the parents experience survey to measure the school quality, parents satisfaction & loyalty, parents experience of problems and problems resolution.
  • Arrange and conduct surveys via emails or SMS sent to parents, administrators, teachers and related ministerial bodies.
  • Analyze and monitor the school performance through online portal dashboard.
  • Link all the private and public schools directly with their affiliated ministerial bodies to enable private organizations to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each school through electronic reports.

Sondos Parents- EMMS Difference

Sondos system presents an instant notification service by email which links between the parents and the administrative structure of the school directly.

It enables the in charge person to know the reason of alert, and it also shows full details about the student or parent who has a problem to allow management team to take an immediate action to solve the problem under a close supervision from the upper management.

On the other hand, Sondos system allows the school to record all complaints in one system and manage all cases in a professional standards.

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