Aviation - Traveler Experience Measurement & Management System (TEMMS)

Many companies are conducting traveler satisfaction surveys but is any of them  analyzing the traveler satisfaction surveys completely?

We are proud to say that we are the first company  that gives aviation companies all the analysis needed in one click. There is no longer any need to use a big team and devote months to analyze the traveler satisfaction surveys.

With  Sondos Aviation- TEMMS, you can  measure virtually any criteria imaginable and receive Traveler Satisfaction Survey results displayed in reports and charts.

How does Sondos Aviation- TEMMS  work?

Choose your best way...

1- Use Sondos Full Solution Aviation- TEMMS 

  •  We send a team to your company to build your Traveler Satisfaction Survey step by step to fit your objectives exactly.
  •  Provide us with your travelers emails and various information criteria, then we send online surveys to the travelers via personalized emails. View the survey analysis reports segmented based on traveler information. Such as nationality, destinations, first class, etc.
  • The online surveys are displayed via customized webpages compatible for viewing from any PC browser or smart phone, and we use a special interface system to avoid customers imputing their information multiple times.


2- Access to Sondos Survey Analysis System

Analysis Only:

  • Provide us with answered Traveler Satisfaction Surveys and we upload them to Sondos Survey Analysis System.
  • Access  Sondos Survey Analysis System and analyze the responses.


Sondos Aviation Survey Analysis System

Whichever method you choose to use, enjoy accessing Sondos Aviation Survey Analysis System which enables you to analyze the Traveler Satisfaction Surveys displayed in reports and charts which will help you discover how to keep your travelers satisfied and loyal.

From the simplest to the most complicated report and chart, your aviation will benefit from our high quality market research.


Sondos Aviation- TEMMS Main Benefits


  • Increase margin growth & unit profitability

  • Improve quality of service, traveler satisfaction & retention

  • Identify, manage & solve traveler problems with no time

  • Increase Revenue per Available Seat Mile - RASM

  • Attract new travelers by the positive word of mouth

  • Control booking, check in & boarding processes

  • Link traveler feedback to customer relationship team effectively

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