7 smart qualities of smart customer insight solution in the modern era

If someone told me that (s)he will travel to China on horseback or even by sea, I would directly remind them of the invention called airplane.

How would you feel my dear modern-age leader if you know that someone in 2016 does not use a smartphone, still uses a pager - floppy disk - DOS operating system, still makes old fashioned music mix tapes, or worse still uses old yellow pages or encyclopedia to look up information!

Now, what if I told you that there are some organizations that still get customer insight through old-fashioned comment cards or through simple email or SMS message where the only thing they acquire from it is how satisfied or unsatisfied a customer is and maybe if they had a problem. It is proven that there is a number of issues with this outdated system. One of them is that reports come too late to do anything to win customers. Another issue is that this out of date system does not give enough insight analysis on the important subjects that matter for modern organizations. Or worse, it does not help you as a leader in taking the right actions and decisions to get your organization to a better position than yesterday.

Smart organizations in this modern time use smart solutions. A smart solution means:
  • Fully integrated with the organization systems where the solution is consistent with your organization strategies, objectives and goals (financial and non-financial).
  • Fully automated Smart Monitor where all you have to do is watch an up-to-date state of the art insight dashboard of customer and employee meaningful analyzed data, it tells you what actions you need to take every day to improve your financial and non-financial Key Performance Indicators.
  • A user friendly modern mobile responsive portal that you and your employees can use to monitor progress or increasing quality, enhancing organization reputation, improving customer and employee retention, reducing business loss, and improving revenue plus profits.
  • Assist you in the process of taking the right decisions that affect your organization present as well as future models, products, services, and performance.
  • Support B2B as well as B2C transactions both locally and internationally.
  • Support instant alerts, actions, and follow-up in order to take the right actions instantly when it is not too late to steer results in your desired direction and in the organization favor.
  • Support social media integration and smart insight features where you don’t only use social media feedback and actions individually or partially but connectivity and wholly. 

The question is: Does your organization have such a smart solution that provides all of the above benefits?

In this day and age, our competitors will not give us the chance to wait for next year to take the right move(s). By the time we obtain or get to a decision, our competitors would have already taken many steps to win customers over us.
We don’t want to be like BlackBerry, TWA, Woolworth's, Blockbuster, or Borders where competition pass them by in a warp-speed while they were on an old wagon.
On the contrary, we want to be like Apple and show the world products like the iPhones, iMacs, iPods, and iPads. Your organization may not be in technology like Apple but you can still show the world what success really means through customer insights that drive financial and non-financial results.

Organizations goal should always be to get a warp drive better than the competition in every way and take quantum leaps while they trail behind you. Let’s not wait for things to happen, let’s take action now.